Pittsburgh: Making The Move

BOXESIt seemed like the day would never come. Once I signed the lease for my new place in Pittsburgh I immediately started packing. If you ever have to make a long move, Starbucks boxes are the absolute best! I never took a final box count, but I was truly amazed how much “crap” I had. It truly was freeing to sell, donate or trash a bunch of stuff I simply never used.

My original plan as to rent a trailer from UHaul and attach it to my Kia SOUL. The more I thought about it, I became more and more fearful that one of two things would happen:

  1. Everything wouldn’t fit into the trailer on moving day and I’d have to leave a lot of my stuff behind,
  2. The trailer would cause me to wreak and I, along with all of my belongings would burn up in a fiery crash.

I decided to contact Budget Truck Rental and get a price for a moving truck. I think the Lord truly was looking out for me because Budget was running a special and I was able to rent a truck with unlimited miles for half of the price it was going to cost for the trailer and hitch from UHaul. (The total for the truck was only $180.00 which is unheard of!)

LOCKAfter handing over the keys to my old place to my landlord, it still didn’t hit me that this was the end of my time in Columbia. Placing the lock on the moving truck, my contents inside, represented closure to a great chapter of my life in South Carolina. Thank you to the friends who have made my time in South Carolina so great. I’ll never forget the memories and the years we spent together. You’ve truly shaped my life. South Carolina, I certainly won’t miss your 100 degree summers!

The drive to Pittsburgh was slow and steady, stopping to spend the night in West Virginia. Killian did an excellent job riding in the SOUL, sleeping during most of the drive. While I drove the beast of a moving truck, my friend Cynthia enjoyed XM radio and the comforts of the SOUL. I think we were both thankful for copious amounts of coffee. 546 miles later we safely arrived in Pittsburgh!

IKEAConsidering my love of IKEA it seemed only fitting that immediately after unloading the moving truck our first stop would be IKEA. (I had to buy all new bedroom furniture since I sold mine prior to the move.) What a joy it was to assemble multiple pieces of furniture using the wordless directions that IKEA provides. A huge thank you to my friend Cynthia for her help with assembling the furniture. Who knew that there could be 37 steps to assembling a chest of drawers?! I don’t think I’ve ever cussed at an inanimate object as much as I did that #&@*$&% chest of drawers.


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