Pittsburgh: My New Home

VR_gallery_foto_0673MYup, you read the title of this post correctly. As I mentioned in my previous post, the past month has been a whirlwind of change. On May 31st my employment as the VP of Human Resources for Vision Property Management ended. By far the hardest part of leaving VPM was leaving behind an amazing team of talented and passionate individuals who had become a second family during the three years I worked there.

While it’s been a secret to most, for the past few months I have been seriously considering relocating northward. Boston and DC have both been the frontrunners in my search for a new city, but after visiting Pittsburgh in late May, it quickly became apparent that what I intended as a vacation would instead serve as a tour of my new home. I began my apartment search June 1st and two weeks later I signed a lease on an apartment. The past few weeks have been spent packing, selling furniture and preparing to move in late July.

A new state. A new town. Hopefully soon a new job  as well. While I’m taking a major leap of faith and moving without having found a full-time job, I honestly believe the job search will be easier once I complete the move and can go to interviews in person instead of via phone or Skype.

We’ll be having a Going Away Party/30th Birthday Party on July 13th. If you’re in the Columbia area, I would love for you to attend! Get in touch via the Speaking + Contact section of this site.


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