Promises: Half Marathon Training | My 180

Promises. We’ve all made them. Many of us have broken them. What happens when you make a promise to yourself then make the mistake of sharing it with Heather Price? She holds you to it. 


At the start of 2013 I promised myself I would run a half marathon before my 30th birthday. Several weeks ago I received a text message from Heather reminding me of said promise and the fact that my birthday is oh too quickly approaching. With July 17th only months away, it’s time to kick it in high gear and make good on my promise to run a half before I hit the big 30. Heather has been an amazing friend and coach, writing me a daily training schedule, going shoe shopping with me and even running side by side with me during some of my daily runs. What more could a guy ask for??!

What goals are you currently working toward? Who inspires you to push hard to reach your goals? Join in the conversation by commenting below.


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