Hello Pittsburgh

The first weekend in May was perfect for a long weekend visit to Pittsburgh! While there I got to meet two long time friends, Bill and Hayley, food bloggers for The Food Lovers Primal Palate and authors of the best-selling books Make It Paleo, Gather and The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking (releasing 6.11.13). I began following Bill and Hayley in 2010 when I began my journey toward better health and fitness. For the past few years I’ve been greatly encouraged by them and have valued the recipes on their blog and in all of their cookbooks.

Our first stop after they picked me up from the airport was a local farm. There we stocked up on fresh duck eggs. Their Shih Tzu, Charlie barked at the pigs and chased after the baby ducks. (The little guy forgets he weighs on at only 8lbs.)

The weekend was full of trying new recipes. The first night I was there Hayley prepared an entire Thanksgiving themed feast, complete with a 15lb turkey. My favorite meal was General Tso Chicken from their latest cookbook, Gather. This meal was truly a healthy take on Chinnese food, all while preserving the taste you’d expect in a well-known recipe like General Tso Chicken. I was speechless. I think that night we ended up eating about 6lbs of chicken. It was so good that Bill and I had the leftovers for breakfast the next day.

While I was there Bill and Hayley hosted a Book Release Party for their latest cookbook, Gather. We had a great time at Bar Marco, in the Strip District of downtown Pittsburgh. I also had a great time driving around town with Bill in his Honda S2K with the top down. Pittsburgh cool spring weather was perfect as well for some sightseeing and enjoying a meal at The Square Cafe downtown.

It was also a privilege to meet and spend time throughout the weekend with Stacy Toth (blogger at Paleo Parents and author of Beyond Bacon), Aimee Buxton (photographer for Beyond Bacon), and Mike Weyer (aka: The Traveling CrossFitter and a kick ass guy). It was encouraging to meet and converse with others who are passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and daily give their all to encourage others to do the same.


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