The 30 Day Guide To Paleo | My 180

564173_629171327097739_1814750635_nWordPress is telling me today’s been a busy day on my site. For those of you that found my site via The Food Lover’s Primal Palate post on Facebook today, welcome!

It’s true: The morning of June 4th 2010 hit me like a heart attack- literally. I never expected that at 26 years old I would find myself surrounded by doctors and nurses, lying in the cardiac ward of my local hospital. Thankfully I made it though, hints why you’re reading this. That event served as my wake-up call. I realized that I needed to lead a healthier life.

I’ve taken deliberate steps toward getting healthy: a new eating plan and workout routine are in place. We’ve all tried fad diets. They work for a few weeks, but soon we’re tired, frustrated, hungry and sometimes less healthier than when we started. For me, a Paleo diet and working out daily have become a lifestyle. Some days are easier than others, but with the support of amazing friends, thus far I’ve dropped 100lbs, gone from an XXL shirt to a medium and a size 44 waist to a 34!

The transformation hasn’t just been physical; this journey is about far more than just pounds lost. When I began I was unemployed, had zero self-confidence and was stuck in an abusive relationship with my father. It’s been a hell of a journey, but I’m glad to say the fight has been worth it!

My goal is simple — to help inspire people to engage in living healthier, more active lifestyles. My hope is that this site will become a resource for anyone looking to begin your own 180.  Look for the My 180 tag for stories, inspiration and motivation for wherever you are in your own journey.  Maybe I’ve inspired you to begin your own 180 or you’re interested in having me speak to you’re group. Either way,  click the Speaking + Contact link above to get in touch.


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