Let’s Be Honest | My 180

Wow, it’s been forever since I have written a #My180 post. I want to start out with some brutal honesty. The past three months have been incredibly challenging. From work to family, relationships with friends to fitness, life has been an uphill battle. Thankfully the battle has been worth fighting, and though it is certainly ongoing, positive progress has been made.

During the past three months I have greatly slacked on my workouts and eating clean. As a result, I’ve regained 30lbs. (Damn that sucked to type.) As they say, the first step is admitting you have a problem. For me, it really became clear when I went to the doctor last Thursday. He praised me for having only regained 30lbs from my original goal weight. You see, as he put it, most people who achieve substantial weight loss (100+ pounds) regain it all, if not more, within one year after reaching their goal weight.

While I realize my doctor was trying to be encouraging, instead it pissed me off. I don’t want to simply settle and accept 30lbs coming back. When I look in the mirror I can see it. When I run I can feel it. I worked too damn hard to shed those pounds the first time to simply allow them to return and remain.

So the time has come. Here we go… again. This time it will be different: I have motivation and a goal insight. My 30th birthday is July 17th. My goal is to not only drop the 30lbs I regained, but to also lose an additional 10lbs. 4 months to go. 40lbs to lose. The method is the same: self-discipline, a Paleo diet and a whole lot of exercise.

I’ll be posting weekly regarding my progress and would love to have others join in the journey toward better health and wellness. Maybe you made a New Year’s Resolution that you haven’t stuck to. Start fresh. Now. Let’s go. Comment below with your goals and lets bust ass to achieve them!


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