Breaking The Silence: Let’s Do This! #FitByFall

Pardon my silence. It’s been an amazing couple of months. Here’s what’s happened:

  • POLAND + PRAGUE: Late July I traveled to Poland and Czech for two weeks with a group from work. While there we ate and drank like royalty, visited the tourist hotspots, and consumed far too much vodka. (I’ll post photos in a separate update later.)
  • BIRTHDAY: Never did I imagine I would celebrate my 29th birthday in Prague. A day full of sightseeing and an evening full of excitement. Once back home in SC, the celebration continued with a day of festivities and  the best ever homemade peanut butter cake prepared by Cynthia Shahan.
  • QUANTICO + RICHMOND: The few. The proud. The Marines. Last Friday I traveled to Quantico, VA for the graduation and commissioning of my best friend, Mark Nash, from Officer Candidate School. It was an amazing time of celebrating God’s faithfulness in giving Mark the strength and courage to make it through OCS. The rest of the weekend was spent shopping and dining in historic Richmond, VA. A special thanks to Aaron Coriell for opening his house to me and being such a great host and tour guide!

I’ll be honest and admit that as a result of traveling and eating pretty much anything I wanted for the past two months, I’ve put on a few pounds. It’s mid-August: three months before the official kick off of the holiday season. While many are already dreaming of cooler weather and sipping a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte, I’m thinking it’s time to bust ass and kick healthy living into overdrive. I’d rather sweat now and forgo the sweets so I can look great and enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas without the guilt so many feel when it comes time for holiday parities and celebrations.

As of this past Monday I’m back to 100% Paleo eating. For months I have made excuses in an effort to justify eating crap, that in turn only makes me feel like crap. I’m looking forward to being home and cooking more of my meals with local produce and herbs straight from my garden. It’s also time to use the gym membership I’ve been paying for. Back to running and working out on a daily basis. I’m also planning on doing another 5K in October.

Won’t you join me? Maybe you’ve slacked off a bit and are ready to refocus on fitness and refine your eating habits in an effort to achieve a healthier you! Leave a comment and join the conversation about what you’re doing to savor the rest of summer and focus on being fit by fall!


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