Gardening 101

I’ve always had a passion for gardening. I can remember spending warm summer evenings with my mom playing in the garden in our backyard as a child. Even while living in a small duplex in downtown Columbia, my porch would be full of pots brimming with strawberry plants, tomatoes and numerous colorful flowers. Now that I’ve finally settled into a home and have a large, fenced in backyard, this spring was the perfect time to finally try building a raised bed garden in my backyard. I became inspired by a post from my friends Bill and Hayley at The Primal Palate. After seeing a raised bed garden kit at Lowe’s, I decided it was time to take a stab at creating my own garden.

The kit included the wood and hardware necessary to build a 5’x5′ raised bed. The frame assembled easily and I filled the bed with a mixture of bagged organic dirt and cow manure. I filled the garden with:

  • 2 varieties of tomatoes
  • sweet potatoes
  • red peppers
  • green peppers
  • yellow squash

I’ve planted an additional Black Cherry tomato plant and a herb garden in containers. Next year, depending on my results, I’ll add another frame to increase the size of the garden. I’ll post additional pictures and updates in the months ahead. Look for recipes including some of the vegetables and herbs from the garden.


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