All Or Nothing | My 180

It seems  “all or nothing” has been more than just a cliche phrase, but has become more of a way of life for me. You see, when I’m committed to something, I’m 100% there. Friends. Family. God. Work. Health and fitness. I’m either fully engaged or a half assed fool, full of excuses, continually compromising what’s important to me.

The past week has felt like a “nothing” week. While I’ve continued to workout with my Trainer, I slacked a bit on my eating habits, sleep and running. Don’t get me wrong, it’s was an amazing week: my roommate got married to his High School sweetheart! I avoided cake at the Rehearsal Dinner, junk food at the Bachelor Party, and managed to do pretty well at the wedding. One of my weakness, cupcakes, managed to win me over on Tuesday. That evening I crashed and burned eating pizza and ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser.

Yesterday and today have been much better. A high temperature in the 80′s yesterday made for a perfect run with Killian. Today I got my ass kicked at 7:30a by my Trainer, T.J. (my arms feel like JELLO). All that to say I’m back: 100% All in. I’ve also set a few goals:

  • Run another 5K by May 1st. (Considering the Moe’s Burrito 5K Dash on April 21st.)
  • 100 consecutive push ups by June 1st.
  • Have the body of a Greek god by the time I leave for Poland on July 11th.

What about yourself? Do you find it hard to stay committed or get back on track once you’ve given into temptation? What are some of the things that tempt you most and how are you combating them? What goals (short-term and long-term) have you set for yourself so you stay on track and focused? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment.


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