Crazy? A 4a Workout | My 180

I am not a morning person. 

There. I said it. It takes copious amounts of coffee to get me out of bed at 7a. Most days I workout with my Trainer, T.J., I wait until the last-minute possible, then force myself to get up. I’ve learned I’m a lot more alert for box jumps and kettle bell swings if I wake up at least 30 minutes before my session and down about half a pot of coffee.

For weeks I had joked with T.J. about working out at 4a. Three weeks ago I took a weekend trip to New Orleans. With my flight leaving at 6a, I now had the perfect excuse opportunity to wake up at the ass crack of dawn. With five alarms set, four on my iPhone and my alarm clock cleverly placed on the other side of the bedroom, I went to bed at 9:30p after setting my coffee pot to start brewing at 2:45a, ensuring I’d have 12 cups of coffee waiting for me once I finally made it out of the bed.

When the alarm started going off at 3a I was amazed how easy it was to wake up. After a few cups of coffee and a walk outside with my dog in the cold, I was awake and ready to go. When I arrived at the gym T.J. was there and ready for another intense workout. I’ve got to give a shout out to him: I don’t think there are many Trainers that would wake up that early for as little as I pay him. I truly appreciate his commitment to my health and his willingness to do whatever it takes, including waking up at 3a, to help me meet my fitness goals.

Box jumps. Push ups. Burpees. Kettle bell swings. Jumping jacks. Planks. Lunges. And that damn agility ladder. (That stupid thing reminds me every time my dog has better coordination than I do.) The workout was a lot of fun, kicked my ass and left me feeling accomplished. (And shockingly, there was no one else at the gym at 4a; imagine that.)

But why? Why workout at 4a? Some might call it crazy. To them I would respond with the question: When was the last time you did something others might consider crazy to help you achieve your goals?  Working out and eating right can become boring and lead to complacency. For me, working out at 4a let me not feel guilty when I indulged in the world’s best bread pudding at Mother’s Restaurant in New Orleans. Plus now I can look back and say “remember that time when we worked out at 4a?”

It’s vital to occasionally do something new and different to keep things interesting. This idea isn’t limited to only fitness. Quit making excuses. Take a risk. Go on an adventure. Be spontaneous. Break out of the everyday monotony and you’ll be surprised how much more exciting it can be as you journey toward reaching your goal.


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