You’re Stronger (Or Weaker) Than You Let On | My 180

7a this morning I was once again awakened by my alarm. Mondays and Thursdays I workout with my Trainer, T.J.. Typically I lay in the bed until about 7:09a, arguing with myself over if I really want to go leap, jump, lunge and lift heavy shit, all in an effort to get ready for Swimsuit Season 2012. (Note the sarcasm.) This morning however I woke up ready to take on the world, almost like a squirrel jacked up on caffeine.

During my workouts T.J. will say things like “a couple more,” or, “5 more burpees and you’re done.” While I often think to myself, “Seriously?  I pray to God he loses count cause there’s no way in hell that’s going to happen,” this morning I surprised myself (and I believe him too) by continuing to press on even after reaching my rep goal. After several instances like that, T.J. finally said, “you’re stronger than you let on.”  The result of that conversation will be him increasing the weight and rep counts in future workouts. The benefit? Better health, stronger muscles and a sexier beach body. (Again: sarcasm…. or is it?)

It got me thinking though, how often do we lie about what’s truly going on inside? Do you put on a false front so that on the outside you appear strong, confident and sure of yourself, yet on the inside you’re slowing dying and paralyzed by fear? Or maybe it’s the opposite: Maybe you’ve yet to tap into your inner strength or boldness that’s been trapped inside. Instead you’re living a life of weakness, feeling inferior and inadequate, all while deep inside there is a man trapped inside with boldness of a lion. You simply need to fight though your pain and insecurities to move toward a life of confidence and victory.

Regardless of your current situation, strong or weak, confident or insecure, one thing is certain: we must be honest with ourselves and those around us. It’s only through honestly, hard work, sweat and tears that we’ll achieve our true potential. It’s a lesson I’m learning that not only applies in the gym, but also in my relationships with those around me.


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  1. Rachel says:

    Hey James! I’ve been following your blog and it’s been awesome to see the complete being transformation! Thanks for sharing your journey. And this may be one of my favorite posts yet.

  2. Janie says:

    hey, Jamison! you were the discussion after Bible study at First Wesleyan last weds night..discussion you running, tell us your next one. we may be there with shirts cheering you on to victory. you see, no one, and I mean no one of about 12 people could ever remember you running! the teachers could remember some of your good excuses and I as your mom could remember them all. so tell your trainer to get those legs and funny shoes flying and give us the date. yes, I know you have lost weight, but I want to see you run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you don’t even have to win. remember, I have ADD, but I got to try out the bike Lance Armstrong rides, what a blast. love u, proud of u, and you are one awesome man. God and I did good with this one, plus all the work you did and all the pain you went thru and came out the winner/ I hope I put this in right/mom

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