You Can’t Do It Alone | My 180

During my journey toward health and fitness, I’ve been asked numerous questions:

  • You’re vegan?
  • You actually run in those things?
  • Won’t that much bacon kill you?
  • Was gastric bypass surgery painful?

(And for the record: No. Yes. No. WTF!?)

The other day someone asked me rather bluntly, “What’s up with you working out with a Personal Trainer? I thought you of all people wouldn’t need one.” At first I was shocked, and honestly, somewhat offended. My man pride instantly wanted to flare up and pull some macho sounding excuse out of my ass. Instead in that moment I responded with a humble, “Yes, I have a Personal Trainer.”

Four days ago the ball dropped in Times Square, signaling the start of a new year. If you’re anything like the rest of the human race, you’ve most likely made New Year’s Resolutions. While my commitment to lose weight and get in shape wasn’t the result of a New Year’s Resolution, but instead that of a scare with my heart, I’ve learned one lesson that applies no mater where you’re at in your journey to lose weight, quit smoking, stop swearing or become a better boss: YOU CAN’T DO IT ALONE. 

My journey toward health and fitness began June 4th 2010 in a hospital room, surrounded by my closest friends (plus a doctor and a few nurses). Even at the event that started the ball rolling, my friends were there. All along the journey the support of friends and family remained vital:

  • June 7th 2010:  When my friend Mark and I cleaned out the kitchen and took steps to prepare for the journey ahead. | Post: Week One
  • June 17th 2010: At the first weigh-in and when I began intense training sessions at the track. | Post: The Track
  • July 14th 2010: When I ran my first mile in 13.33. | Post: Kicking The Track’s Ass
  • August 5th 2010: When I decided an abusive relationship with my dad had to come to an end. | Post: 26 Years, A Heart Attack and a Bottle of Whiskey
  • January 8th 2011: When I partied after reaching my goal of 200lbs. | Post: The Final Weigh-In
  • January 29th 2011:  The day I ran my first 5K with my friend Travis Wright. (To this day it’s still one of my most cherished memories.) | Post: My First 5K

All along the journey I’ve never been alone. I’ve been surrounded by amazing friends that have kept me accountable, ran beside me (literally) and rejoiced with me along the journey. So even now, over a year and a half since my journey started, friends (and a Personal Trainer), are just as valuable as on day 1.

In late 2011 work was hectic, dare I even say hellish. My schedule consisted of waking up, going to work, then coming home- only to work from home, then crash and get a few hours of sleep. After weeks of knowing I was living in a unhealthy rut, I set some boundaries and hired a Trainer. I also let my friends and co-workers know about the resolution I had made to refocus on what’s most important: myself, my health and my relationship with God. Out of that refocusing came the decision to hire T.J. as my Trainer. I workout with T.J. twice a week. It’s made an amazing difference in my excitement over my workouts, helped me break out of complacency, not to mention keeping me accountable in my eating, sleep and work/life balance.

So to answer the question: “What’s up with the Personal Trainer?”  I’ll do whatever it takes to succeed in this journey. I can’t do it alone. For me in this season of life, having a Trainer is what it takes.

Does that mean you need to hire a Trainer, see a Counselor or go to Anger Management Classes to achieve your 2012 Resolutions? Maybe. Even more importantly I challenge you to share your resolutions with those closest to you, ask them to hold you accountable and set definitive dates for measuring progress. You can’t do it alone. Besides, success is more fun when shared! 


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