A Reflection. A Realization. A Resolution.

A Reflection: Several months ago I was promoted to Human Resources Manager. The new duties that came with the HR title, coupled with also overseeing the entire Collections Division of my company (1100 accounts), I’ve had to adjust to balancing the responsibilities of both roles. Thankfully I have an amazing Assistant Manager working under me who has been able to take over the day to day operations of our Collections Division.

The last two weeks have been one of those times that, several months from now, I hope to look back and believe I did what was best and led with boldness, despite how difficult the circumstances. I’ve terminated seven Team Members (all in the same day), planned a Leadership Retreat for our Management Team and appeased investors that, for some reason, love to scrutinize everything, even down to the shade of red I use on my weekly reports.

A Realization: During the last few weeks I’ve had numerous sleepless nights and early mornings. Instead of counting sheep in my dreams, I’ve found myself lying awake in bed, plagued with anxiety, attempting to map out strategic plans and making to-do lists in my head. I’ve found it difficult to distance myself from the office, my staff and the looming deadlines.

Today upon returning from the Leadership Retreat I had a realization: I’ve neglected what’s most important to me. I often refer to the saying “you make time for what’s important to you” when determining my priorities. Work has been my chief priority. I’ve neglected friends (who I consider family), fitness, sleep and time alone. (Many would expect to see faith listed as one of the things neglected. I am thankful that my faith in God has remained strong and has given me strength to lead despite my weakness.)

A Resolution: With only weeks remaining before the holiday season commences, it’s important to me to take time for refocus and prioritize. Starting Monday I resolve to:

  • Eat Balanced: 3 healthy meals per day, snacks if desired, but no cheating (junk food, peanut butter, or things I know are destructive to a healthy diet, including alcohol). I love to cook. It’s a means of creative expression for me. It also provides time to gather with friends. During the days ahead I resolve to make healthy eating a priority and invite others to join me.
  • Sleep 9: Nothing good happens after 10p (at least during the week). I resolve to be in bed each evening by 10p and to wake up no later than 7a.
  • Exercise: I’ve committed to run a half marathon in February. I’ll spend the months leading up to it training not only physically, but also mentally during my runs daily. I’m also going to bust my ass in the gym 5 days a week.
  • Friends + Family: Involve my friends in every aspect of my life: dining together, exercising together and enjoying every day together.
From October 17th to November 24th, I’ll be shifting my priorities back to what’s most important to me and focusing in on health/fitness so I can go into the holidays without having to feel guilty about enjoying the flavors of the season.
Have you lost track of what’s most important to you? Care to join in on the journey back to what’s most important?

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