I wanted to write a quick update letting friends and family in on the full story behind my Facebook status from Thursday:

Great conversation with Method regarding future employment in San Francisco, CA. Pray that they’ll decide to move forward with the interview process despite the distance.

Since posting that status, I’ve received multiple phone calls, e-mails, Facebook messages and texts asking if and when I’m moving to California.

The short answer is I don’t know. Let me explain.

  • Friday, June 10th I noticed on Method’s website that they’re currently seeking a Brand Experience Community Associate. After reading the job description, I instantly knew this job had to of been created with me in mind. If you know me, you’re well aware of my love of all things Method. My cabinets are stocked with their cleaning products. From the kitchen to the bathroom, the laundry room to even my car and the office, Method products are a part of my life. Some might call it an obsession, or even an addiction, I call it… well… an obsession (just being honest). I spent the weekend perfecting my resume and writing the following cover letter:

Hello People Against Dirty!

Nice to meet you!

First let me introduce myself. I’m Jamison Combs, an outgoing, coffee addicted, social media connected, Method fanatic currently residing in Columbia, SC. Seeing that my cover letter is quickly starting to sound like a reply to an online dating site, I simply wanted to submit my resume to be your next Brand Experience Community Associate. I believe with the experience, talent and just the right amount of weirdness I’ll bring to your Team, a bright and exciting future could be in store.

Attached you’ll find my resume. Don’t hesitate to contact me should you have questions.

Thanks for your time and consideration!

  • Monday, June 13th I uploaded my resume, cover letter and filled out their nifty online application, said a prayer and clicked “submit.”  To be honest, I submitted my resume thinking that either they’d see the cover letter, laugh and toss it aside or that maybe, just maybe, I’d catch their attention.
  • Much to my surprise, Wednesday evening I received an e-mail from Katie, Method’s Architect of Buzz (AKA: Director of Public Relations + Advocacy) wanting to discuss my application and the job position.
  • Thursday morning I awoke with Phantom Planet’s California playing in my head. That afternoon I had a phone call with Katie discussing the job description, my qualifications, Method’s culture, mission, how I might be a potential fit for this position.

So, you’re probably still wondering when I’m moving. Well, let me first say I haven’t even been offered an interview (yet). Katie explained that typically they don’t have applicants from outside of California. At the present, their biggest concern is completing the multi-step interview process with the distance between us. We’ve discussed the possibility of Skype during the first few phases, but at this point it’s a waiting game to see if the distance will be what breaks this opportunity. I’m believing that if California is what’s next for me, doors will open and I’ll seize the opportunity that awaits. At 27 years old, I’m ready for my next adventure. While Columbia has been home for the past 7 years, I’m willing to relocate and try out the West Coast. (Not to mention tomorrow it’s going to be sunny and 71 degrees in San Francisco compared to Columbia’s high of 99.)

Ultimately right now I’m in waiting. Monday or Tuesday I should hear back from Method regarding a decision if they feel we can move forward with the interview process and a strategy to do so despite the distance. I would appreciate your prayers as they make their decision and I think and pray through what’s next. I know God’s in control and will put me where He wants me, when He wants me there.

For more information on Method, CLICK HERE.


UPDATE: The doors didn’t open up to make the move to California happen. I am honored to have been noticed/given the chance to talk with the amazing people at Method and I hope one day our paths will merge. For now, I’ll settle for being their biggest fan!


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  1. Evan Hansen says:

    Awesome, James! I can’t wait to hear what happens.

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