The End Of + The Beginning Of

Boxes line what little floorspace that’s left throughout my house. Boxes on top of boxes. Each box is labeled with its contents and its future destination. “Kitchen: Plates, Glasses, Entertaining.  Bedroom: Clothes: T-shirts, Socks, Underwear.” After over 5 years of residing at what has become known as ThePlex, I’ve decided to make a move.

While some would expect the next paragraph of this post to be about me relocating to Boston, that time hasn’t quite come… yet. My original plan was to move to Boston by July 2011. I’ve found that God has a way of changing our plans and ordering our steps, typically with the outcome being anything far greater than we could have asked for, planned or imagined. Several months ago I began praying that God would make it clear what was next for me. For the longest time I’ve felt a deep calling to Boston. After my visit in April 2010 that calling was confirmed and I’m certain that one day I will live in and minister to the city of Boston. Yet, even with that calling confirmed and Boston being my long term destination, there have been several key factors in my decision to remain in Columbia (a bit) longer:

  • Vision: In August 2010 I accepted a position as a Collections Representative for Vision Property Management. Within 3 months of being on staff I was promoted to Collections Division Manager. During my time of praying I was approached by another member of our Senior Management Team and was asked to help start a Bible Study for our staff. The first week of the Bible Study we had 12 employees show up including our CEO. I’ve had multiple coworkers open up to me about issues they’re walking through: divorce, abuse, eating disorders, anxiety and dealing with dysfunctional families.  All that to say I know that, for now, with the favor I’ve been shown by my employer and the work God is doing in my coworkers, I am certain God wants me to remain at VPM (for now).
  • Neighbors: For the longest time I’ve had a deep desire to live in a real neighborhood. Sure, I currently live in a neighborhood, but if you’ve ever been to my place you know that the intersection of Main and Fairfield doesn’t lend itself to allowing one to run, bike or even have a change at connecting with other families in the neighborhood. The fact is, I really don’t live in a neighborhood; it’s more so an intersection. Once God gave me clarity on remaining in Columbia, I knew the next step was to relocate. After much searching, I’ve found an amazing new home in the Rosewood community. Complete with runners, dog walkers and children playing in the street, this is the type of neighborhood I’ve been desiring for a long time. My new house is also exactly one mile from my gym, Anytime Fitness, and my favorite grocery store, Earth Fare. This past Monday I had the opportunity to meet most of the neighbors and I’m looking forward to hosting my first cookout of the summer!
  • Roommate: With the new house comes the addition of a roommate. It’s been over 2 years since I’ve had a roommate. My previous roommate of 4 years, Rich Zuch, was a rare find and proved to be irreplaceable… well, almost. I’ve been nervous about having another roommate, but after much prayer I asked Josh Cox to consider moving in and commit to spend the next year loving and serving the Rosewood community with me. Thankfully Josh has agreed to move in! Josh has been an amazing friend and brother. I have a huge amount of respect for him and his walk with God and can’t wait to see what the Lord does through him and I being roommates.  Josh has always wanted a dog too, so I think secretly he’s more excited about living with Killian than with me!
  • Midtown: Midtown has asked me to help co-lead Mission Hubs, an effort to encourage our church members to become missionaries within their neighborhoods, connecting, loving and serving their neighbors while pushing them toward the Gospel. I’m thankful for the opportunity to lead while also being in a new neighborhood where I can put what I teach into practice.

Soon the boxes will start making their crosstown journey. 1945 days of living in the same place will soon come to a close. I’m thankful for the memories that resulted from my time at ThePlex and look forward to what’s to come in my new home!


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