A New Routine

Three weeks ago my friend Mark recommended that I start going to the gym in the morning instead of my usual evening routine. The main reason behind his recommendation was increased metabolism from working out in the morning, but also the fact that my lazy ass doesn’t need to be sleeping until 9a everyday. Since I started working at Vision in August, my typical routine was to work 10a to 6p, get off work and hustle to the gym. In all honesty, there were many evenings that going to the gym after work felt more like a second job than a privilege or something to look forward to.

I decided to take Mark’s recommendation. Today marks 3 weeks of morning workouts. While I don’t spring up out of bed each morning and race to the gym singing (yet), it’s been a good change. It’s a more effective use of my time, both before and after work. Waking up at 6a gives me 3 hours before I have to be at the office. (I’ve started going to work at 9a.) Plenty of time to workout, shower, spend time with the Lord and enjoy a delicious Paleo breakfast of hot coffee, eggs, bacon and fruit. (Far better than the protein bar and apple I was grabbing as I raced out the door before.) My evenings have also been freed up to spend time with friends or in the community or simply relaxing at home.

Maybe there’s a change you know you need to make but you’ve been wondering if the benefits will outweigh the cost. It could be that laziness is what’s holding you back. I encourage you to take a jump, be willing to sacrifice and break into a new routine. It only takes 21 days to make or break a habit. Let today be day 1.


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