6 Months: More Than Pounds Lost | My 180

December 17th marked 6 months of me eating healthy and working out. On June 25, just 8 days after I changed my diet and started exercising,  my friend Josh Cox left this note of encouragement on my blog:

“Jamison, it’s so very good to see you taking such initiative with this. While I realize that the situation is somewhat dire, you’ve embraced it and used it as a pathway to begin creating a better story. I foresee this being one of the initial building blocks to the new era of great things to come from Jamison Combs.”

The past 6 months have been full of many challenges, hurdles, hardship  but also defining moments of victory. When I started 6 months ago I was unemployed, overweight, stuck in an abusive relationship with my dad and lacking self confidence. While I’ve dropped a significant amount of weight in the past 6 months, this journey has been about far more than just pounds lost. Here’s a time-line:

  • June 4th: Had a heart attack.
  • June 7th: Cleaned out the kitchen, bought running shoes and joined a gym. Took steps to prepare myself for the journey ahead.
  • June 17th: First Weigh-In: 293lbs. Began intense training sessions at the track.
  • July 11th: After 3 weeks of eating right and exercising I was able to stop taking Ambien.
  • July 14th: Ran 1 mile in 13.33. | Post: Kicking The Track’s Ass
  • August 5th: Mailed a letter confronting my dad on several key issues from my childhood. Essentially, ended my relationship with my dad. | Post: 26 Years, A Heart Attack and a Bottle of Whiskey
  • August 9th: Started a new job as the Collections Relationship Manager for Vision Property Management.
  • August 14th: Ran 1 mile in 12 minutes.
  • August 17th: 2 Month Weigh-In: 258lbs (Down 35lbs)
  • September 5th: Finally started feeling comfortable at the gym during the 6p rush. Increased self confidence.
  • September 26th: Went shopping for new jeans. Down 9 pant sizes. (From a 44 to a 35.)
  • October 7th: My story was featured on Earth Fare’s website. | Link: Turning Health Around
  • October 17th: 4 Month Weigh-In: 230lbs (Down 63lbs)
  • November 18th: My story was featured on Kind Snacks website. | Link: Kinded
  • December 17th: 6 Month Weigh-In: 211lbs (Down 82lbs)
  • November 27th: Went shopping (again) for new jeans. Down 10 pant sizes (From a 44 to a 34). Shirt size down from a XXL to an L.
  • December 19th: Ran 1 mile in 8 minutes.
  • December 26th: Ran 3.5 miles in the snow. Such an amazing and rewarding experience.

And to think the best is yet to come. Every day I can now wake up and be confident that I am in the best shape of my life, not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I’ve been amazed how God has given me discipline to stay the course, overcome obstacles and be victorious. Psalm 18:29: With Your help I CAN… with my God I CAN.

On January 8th 2011 I’ll have my final weigh-in and celebration with friends and family. Check back then for the results.


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