Week 22 | My 180

The finish line is in sight. Normally I wait 2 months between weigh-ins, but with the holidays approaching and only about 2 months left before December 31st, I weighed myself last week just to have an idea of where I stand. Here’s the breakdown:

June 17th: 293lbs

August 17th: 258lbs

October 17th: 230lbs

November 8th: 220lbs

Total Weight Loss in 4.5 months: 73lbs

I have 23 more pounds to lose before I reach my goal of being at 197lbs! I’ve deceided that I am going to give myself 3 days of celebrating. (One “bad” meal and snack each day.) So go ahead and mark your calendar for December 31st and January 1st and 2nd. (I’m craving breakfast from Cracker Barrel, Hudson’s BBQ, Pasta Fresca, dessert from Cafe Strudel and an entire box of Christmas Tree Cakes… and all the yummy homemade goodies Jordan Thompson is going to save and freeze for me throughout the holiday season.)


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