4 Month Weigh-In | My 180

It’s been four months. After racking up some serious miles on my internal odometer and eating a hell of a lot of chicken, the results have been amazing. God has truly been faithful in helping me stay disciplined in my workout routine and eating right. I’ve found encouragement to continue from Psalm 18:29: With Your help I CAN… with my God I CAN.

Here’s the results from my 4 Month Weigh-In:

June 17th: 293lbs

August 17th: 258lbs

October 17th: 230lbs

Total Weight Loss in 4 months: 63lbs

While I am amazed by the weight loss and physical transformation, this journey has been about much more than pounds lost. Self-confidence. Discipline. Endurance. Commitment. Pride. The lessons learned thus far have been much more valuable than any pound that I’ve lost.

I’ve received several e-mails asking what the secret is to my transformation. Next week  I’ll post my “secret.” Truthfully, it’s no secret at all. Check back next week as I outline my eating and workout plan. I really is a lot simpler and easier than you think!


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