Weeks Five and Six | My 180

Sorry for the delay in getting this week’s post up. I’ve been working on several writing projects, one of which will hopefully win me a trip to Oregon to meet Donald Miller. More details on that later.

One Month In: The 17th of July marked one month of me working out. I’ve got about 5 and a half more months to go. While I can’t tell you how many pounds I’ve lost thus far (I’m not obsessing over the scale), I can tell you the past month has been extremely rewarding and I’m starting to see changes. I celebrated one month by buying a much needed new pair of gym shorts… one size smaller than before!

Celebrations Don’t Have To Lead To Sabotage: July 17th not only marked one month of working out, it was my 27th birthday. In past years I’ve used the day as an excuse to be lazy, eat poorly and have a few drinks. While this year I did celebrate, I started the day with a 3 mile bike ride followed by a great workout with Mark at the gym. I did have a few drinks, ate a healthy and organic  birthday dinner at Z Pizza then had sugar-free birthday cake for dessert. I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday and thankfully it didn’t sabotage the progress I’ve made over the past month.

One tip I offer to those trying to get in shape/lose weight is to stick to your diet even in moments of temptation. Parties, dinners or social events may seem like a great excuse to give in and graze on the buffet or drink like a fish, but the discipline it takes to not sabotage your diet in that moment is well worth it and will save you from hours (or even days) or remorse… and maybe even an awful hangover. (And really, who likes a hangover?!)

Green Tea Supplement: I’ve started taking Jackie Chan’s Green Tea Supplement when I work out. It promises to boost your metabolism and help burn fat. In the coming weeks I’ll let you know how it works. Maybe it’s just mental, but I feel like I now have Jackie Chan helping me kick ass at the gym.

Soreness is Glorious: Okay, maybe not glorious. I’m having to learn though that muscle soreness is a good thing and to continue to push though the pain. I really feel like I accomplished something during my workout when I wake up sore the next day or two. For more into on muscle soreness after working out, CLICK HERE.

Summary: It’s been another excellent two weeks of disciplined eating and exercise. I was disciplined in my eating on my birthday and found alternative, healthy ways to celebrate (a bike ride and a good workout with a friend). I’m starting to see physical results (had to buy new, smaller sized gym shorts) and my muscles are getting stronger. My first weigh-in takes place August 17th.


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  1. joshjcox says:

    Jamison, you’re the man. I feel like even though the physical aspect of the one-eighty naturally takes a bit more time, you have already experienced a mental one-eighty. I see way more confidence in your demeanor, and maybe even a hint of swagg as you have begun taking life by the horns. I love it. Look forward to getting some of those healthy recipes. Keep up the awesome!

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