Week Two | My 180

Got outdoors. Had my first workout at the track. While the 100 degree weather wasn’t the best conditions for running, I can really tell that pushing myself during the track workouts is going to be crucial to dropping weight and strengthening my athletic abilities. I’ve also found it is much easier for me to go 3 miles on the River Walk than it is 3 miles on a treadmill.

Avoided the scale. When I started I weighed in and recorded my beginning weight. (297lbs) (Can’t believe I am making that public… oh well.) I have a serious obsession with the scale and my emotions are tied to it. I quickly found myself weighing myself daily, sometimes twice a day. I have now decided to avoid the scale and simply focus on putting my best effort forward in eating right and exercising. As long as I focus on those 2 things, I’m guaranteed the weight will drop off. I’ll weigh myself again on August 1st.

Summary: I’ve continued eating right and working out. It’s been 2 weeks since I have had any caffeine. (Yup, I’ve given up my beloved coffee.) I’ve also decided to give up alcohol until my birthday, July 17th, and then again will give it up until December 31st. My motivation is stong and I have been blessed by e-mails, text messages and comments made from others encouraging me in this journey. I’m also excited that one of my closest friends has decided to start his own 180. Please keep the encouragement coming!


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  1. alisha says:

    i am so pumped, jamison!! keep it up man! i am so behind you in this!!

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