Week One | My 180

Cleaning Out the Kitchen: Monday night my friend Mark Nash came over to help clean out the kitchen. By the end of it, I was amazed at how many things were in the cabinets that I thought were good food me, but upon really taking the time to look at the labels, I discovered they were in fact killing me. Cereal. Alfredo pasta sauce. Mayonnaise. Ice Cream. Ranch dressing. The unopened items were donated to Harvest Hope Food Bank while those there were slightly used were given to neighbors or friends in need. By getting all of the bad, unhealthy items out of the house, it has truly helped in removing the temptation.

Meal Plan: Also Monday night Mark helped me develop a meal plan. I’ll post some of what that looks like in the coming weeks. It consists mainly of fresh lean beef and chicken, fruits and vegetables.

Grocery Shopping: Wednesday Mark and I spent about an hour at Publix grocery shopping together. He taught me how to read nutrition labels and make wise decisions. I’ve found that most of the items that are good for me (fresh meat, fruit and vegetables) are on the outer loop of the grocery store. There really isn’t a need to shop the center core. Much of the center core and frozen section of a grocery store contains processed food. While processed food is often more convenient, I’ve found that the effort it takes to cook something from scratch is far more worth it taste and health wise in the end.

New Shoes and Joining A Gym: Got me some new kicks. My first pair of running shoes… EVER. Fleet Feet did an amazing job taking their time fitting me and helping me understand what shoe style is best for my foot. If you’re looking for a new pair of running shoes, I highly recommend Fleet Feet.

I also joined Anytime Fitness. At $29 a month (after bargaining to get the $70 Membership Fee waived), Anytime was not only affordable but offers great convenience in that they’re open 24/7/365. The smaller gym and a more friendly, less “meat-head” environment fits my needs better than a larger gym I could get lost in. I’ve found the gym to be far less crowd during mid-day or late in the evenings.

Summary: Week one was full of taking steps to get on track and set myself up for success. I started new eating habits and a workout routine. I’ve spent at least two hours each day in the gym; one hour cardio and the other learning basic strengthening and weightlifting exercises.


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  1. joshjcox says:

    Jamison, it’s so very good to see you taking such initiative with this. While I realize that the situation is somewhat dire, you’ve embraced it and used it as a pathway to begin creating a better story. I foresee this being one of the initial building blocks to the new era of great things to come from Jamison Combs. Keep up the good stuff, my friend.

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