Stories: Thank You!

For weeks I’ve tried to put my thoughts into words. Many say I type like I talk, so expression of what’s inside should be easy. Lately it’s been hard to even form words to express my thoughts and the emotions I have been feeling. The Lord continues to amaze me as He writes my story. Hopefully in the days to come I’ll be able to express some of what’s been taking place in my life via my blog, but that’s not the point of this post.

I simply wanted to write to say thank you. Over the past few weeks many of you have shared your story with me. For some, tears have been shed. For others, this has been the first time you’ve been vulnerable with the depths of your soul. I’ve truly been blessed to hear stories of redemption, stories of hope, and while for all of us there’s much more to be “written”, I believe that no matter how messy or difficult the past or present may be, our God will continue to author your life. Thank you for trusting me with your story and sharing what God’s doing in your life.


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