Singleness: One Of Those Weeks

Ever have one of those weeks that you’re so lonely you consider reactivating your E-Harmony account? Yup? It’s been one of those weeks. I have to admit the main reason I have yet to click the “reactivate” button is I am scared of all the creeps and lonely people E-Harmony might match me with. (Though I guess I could be considered a lonely creep too.)

Most days I do well with being 26 and still single. The 3 months from Thanksgiving (when the mushy Christmas commercials start) though February 15th (when the nauseating, “Diamonds are Forever” commercials end) seem to be the hardest. The other day I found myself getting pissed at the little red, white and pink Hershey Kisses at Target. Though they have no soul, I was positive they were laughing at me for being lonely and single.

Oddly, over the past few weeks I have had several people ask me pointblank if I am content being single. My snap answer has been “oh yes, absolutely.” But in all honesty, there are days were I don’t want to be alone anymore. I’m ready to settle down and start a family.

Lately I have been focused on making singleness an opportunity instead of a prison sentence. I’ve found that I don’t hate being single near as much when I am focusing on God and finding my identity in Him. I’ve also found that being single affords me numerous opportunities that would be much more difficult to take part in if I were married. At this point in my life, the only person I have to worry about is myself (and my two dogs of course).

So for now I will hold off on reactivating my E-Harmony account. I’m too cheap to pay the membership fee anyway.


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  1. alisha says:

    i love you. thanks for being raw and sharing this. God has a perfect plan for you. i am looking forward to continuing watching it play out. you rock brother.

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