I’ve been sick now for almost 3 months. 1 operation, 72 needle sticks (2 of which are still fresh even as I type this), and countless prescriptions later, I am still sick. The doctor I saw today told me to “go home and rest. Just rest and drink lots of fluids. What you really need to be doing is resting.” No magical prescription drug. No instruction sheet. I just paid some dude $50 to tell me to “rest.

But HOW? I had bought all sorts of great books, had friends bring over movies, and, dare I admit, I had even taken a trip to Bath and Body Works to stock up on some aromatherapy goodness (my mom recommended it). The result: I have yet to read the books, I got board with the movies, and I’m allergic to the bath beads I bought. Go figure.

I had bought Donald Miller’s new book A Million Miles In A Thousand Years in hopes I would “rest” by reading it. The damn thing sat closed for 2 months. I returned it to Lifeway yesterday. When the Manager asked me what was wrong with it and all I could muster was “I just couldn’t find time to read it.” (If someone wants to buy me another copy and FORCE me to read it, I won’t be disappointed.  PLEASE! SOMEONE?!)

So my question is, how do YOU REST? What is the difference between REST and SLEEP? Share your thoughts.


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