Recovering From Surgery

It’s been one week since I had my gallbladder removed. Recovery has been slow and painful. I really didn’t know what to expect. WebMD stays 2-3 weeks with more pain in the second week of recovery than the first. Yet some people made “claims” of having their gallbladder removed on their lunch break and going back to work the same day. All I can say is those people must have had some better medication than I. (And I think mine is some of the strongest.)

A huge thank you to Michael McFadden for spending his entire day last Wednesday with me at Lexington Medical Center. He got to see the drugged, no filter, say anything side of me. Also thanks to Ashley and Travis Wright for letting me spend Wednesday though Friday with them. I really appreciate your hospitality.

Killian and Drake have been amazing companions during my recovery. Here are some new pics of them.



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