Blogging Via Bullet-Points

I hate blogging via bullet-points, but sometimes I feel it’s necessary, especially when I am trying to play catchup. Here we go.

  • Wells Fargo: The good news:  I am still employed. The bad news: I am miserable and am desperately seeking a new job. I have missed my sales goals two months in a row and have to attend a mandatory training class next week. Pray that I can meet (or even exceed) my sales goals for June. Wells Fargo has started merging the two companies and job cuts are looming. After 3 years with Wachovia, I finally feel like God is releasing me and telling me it’s fine to begin the job search. I’ve been working on my resume and would appreciate your prayers as I begin searching for what God for me next.
  • Columbia: That being said about Wells Fargo, I still very much feel called to Columbia. As of now, I am limiting my job search to opportunities within the Columbia metro. Some might call that foolishness. I call it knowing where you’re called to be trusting God’s provision and placement.
  • Vacation/Jesus Culture: Last week I had the opportunity to attend the Jesus Culture Conference in Atlanta. A huge thank you to my friend Josh Davis who made it possible for me to go as well as to his family for being an amazing host for the week. Having someone else cook every meal for me was blessing. Sleeping late was healthy. The worship with Kim Walker and Chris Quilala was awesome. Vulnerability and encouragement from a good friend was priceless.
  • Midtown: I get to do ministry with the most amazing people. God continues to blow my mind with how He’s blessing our family at Midtown. Simply put, Midtown and the ministry that is taking place though the people there is the key reason I feel called to stay in this city. Huge things are brewing… Pray for my ministry role at Midtown and that God would stretch me and use me as He pleases.
  • Killian: Killian (my Yellow Lab) has learned how to swim! It took me throwing her into the river a few times for her to get the hang of it, but now she’s a river dog. It’s hard to believe that Killian will be 3 next month!  I’ll post some new pictures of her soon!
  • NC: I’ll be in North Carolina visiting my family this Thursday and Friday. Pray for safety and quality time with the family. It’s been over a year since I’ve been to my hometown of High Point. (And boy, I am craving some good NC BBQ!)

So there you have it. A bullet-point update of the past three months or so. Comment and let me know what’s new with you.


One Comment Add yours

  1. 1. Bullet points are great, make blog reading much easier.
    2. Dude that’s miserable about frustrating jobs.
    3. Columbia + Midtown = great.
    4. I’ll definitely be praying that you find that job.

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