How Do You Rest?

Most of you know I was diagnosed with Mono a few weeks ago. My doctor’s orders were for me to rest. Here’s what I have done so far to rest:

  • Quit work: I’ve taken Medical Leave from Wachovia and Camp Bow Wow.
  • Trusted others: Delegated Relational Ministry activities at Midtown to my (awesome) Volunteer Team.
  • Quit cleaning: Let the house get dirty. I normally vacuum daily. I make my bed every morning before work. I dust and mop once a week. I have had to force myself to let those things fall to the side.
  • Been served by others: Other people have done the cooking and run errands for me.
  • Slept: Sometimes as much as 16 hours in one day.
  • Said no: Cancelled meetings, meals and conversations over coffee.
  • Reduced urgency: Let the e-mail inbox fill up and let my voicemail go unchecked for a while.

But even with all that, during the last three weeks I have found myself asking the question “How do I rest?”  Sure, it has been weeks since I have set foot in the office or gone on a business meeting, I’ve been less social and slept more than the average college kid does on a weekend day; but still, is this all there is to rest(ing)?

So now I pose the question to you: How do you rest?


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  1. Nathan Aaron says:

    Hey Jamison!

    This is Nathan from over on! LOL! Hey, I posed a question to you, not sure if you’ve read it or not. I was curious if you’ve stocked up on the cut grass candles or not? I read your method market suggestion for the lavender dish cubes, which made me realize we still have some cut grass candles at my local Big Lots, so that might be something you’d be interested in a trade? Just let me know!

    Also, this is probably coming out of no where, but alas. I was curious if you were interested in a little discussion back and forth on homosexuality. LOL I’ve read what little you’ve posted on your blog here, and have to say, I’m honestly confused as to what your thoughts are (your posts were rather vague?) BUT I think I get it in the end. So I was just curious. Always good to hear and learn from both sides, me from you, and you from me; so anyway, if you’re ever interested, I’m open to talking.

    Have a great one! And thanks for continuing to read method lust!

    Nathan Aaron

  2. Nathan Aaron says:

    PS – Sorry this had NOTHING to do with the post I put it in. I hate when people do that on method lust! LOL But wasn’t sure what the best way to get ahold of you would be…

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