With two jobs, being highly involved at Midtown and trying to maintain a spiritual and social life, I stay pretty busy. The calendar on my BlackBerry is color-coded with work (Wachovia and Camp Bow Wow), appointments, meetings, church activities and personal time; most days it’s as colorful as a bowl of Trix.

Recently I have been feeling God telling me to “slow down.” So what do I do?  Keep going and add more. I’ve agreed to cover shifts for coworkers, come in early and stayed late at work, and worked on my days off, all in an effort to “get the job done.” Socially I have stayed up late with friends when I should have gone to bed at 10p and gotten much needed rest. I should have taken more time for myself. I should have taken more time to rest.

Now I don’t have a choice. Monday night Kent and Mikey took me to the Emergency Room because I was having severe pain in my stomach. I had been running a fever and aching all over all day. The original thought was that I had appendicitis or even hepatitis. Thankfully after a CT Scan, Ultrasound and a ton of blood-work, the verdict is: Mononucleosis. (AKA: Mono)

Rest? You bet! Looks like God is going to force me to rest.  WebMD says for the treatment of Mono is to:

Rest in bed. You probably won’t feel like working or going to school anyway, and rest is very important. Your symptoms will gradually improve over 2 to 3 weeks. You should be able to return to your normal activities within about a month.

To top it off, I also have a pretty bad ear infection too.

Yup. This is going to be rough. Pray for me as I try slow down physically and even emotionally and spiritually and REST.


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