Family Is:

UPDATED 2.20.9

Family is:

  • Kent Bateman and Mikey McFadden taking me to the Emergency Room at 11p Monday night. When we got there the nurse asked me “who are those guys” and I proudly said “my family.” Mikey stayed with me until we left at 8a the following morning.
  • Jeff Hsiang brought me Chicken Noodle Soup, crackers and Gatorade Tuesday. 
  • Gary Priceheard I was craving some mashed potatoes and came over Thursday and made me some… from scratch! 
  • The Life Group (Luda, Jeremy, Eric and Jeff) came over and had dinner with me Thursday night. 
  • Lauren Reilly, Lauren Gossett, Beth Kay and Matt Crawford brought me homemade spaghetti, garlic bread and cookies.
  • Dan Gibbs (aka: Baby Bear) carving out some time during his Friday afternoon to hang out at the house and watch Rachel Ray. 
  • Erica Peterson and Jon Ludovina spending Friday evening with me, baking cookies and watching a movie.
  • Toni Lawrimore calling to check on me.
  • Drew Mendoza bringing me a Smokehouse Turkey Sandwich from Panera (my favorite) for lunch on Saturday.
  • The Connect Volunteer Team (Melissa Fennell, Josh White, Josh Morris, Grant Faulkner, Courtney Kelso, Kristen Blevins, Mellie Boozer, Matt Shearer and Lee Cunningham) taking charge and running CONNECT Sunday night without me there to help. 
  • Melissa Fennell and Michael Bailey making me homemade brownies and ice cream.
  • Traylor Disbrow hanging out Monday night. 
  • Coffee with Lee Cunningham on Wednesday.
  • Jeff Hsiang going with me to the hospital Thursday for my appointment. 
  • Travis Wright coming to visit Thursday night.
  • Kent Bateman calling to remind me he’s praying.
  • Seth Taylor calling to inform me JCPenny has their “Bro Apparel” on sale (joke), and to say he loves me. 
  • Numerous text messages and Facebook messages from the Midtown family.
  • Brandon Clements calling to check on me. 
  • Jon Ludovina giving up his Friday night to come over and have dinner and watch a movie. 
  • Toni Lawrimore and Melissa Fennell stopping by to visit. 
  • Traylor Disbrow hanging out. 
  • Baby Bear coming over to hang out and watch Rachel Ray with me Wednesday afternoon. 
  • Mikey McFadden stopping by Wednesday night. 
  • Travis Wright calling to check up on me.

I am sure there will be more to add to this list. To all of you: THANKS! 


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