Yes. We. Can. | Yes. You. Could. Have.


Written the evening of the Inauguration of President Obama. 

There’s been plenty of excitement as today: President Obama was sworn into office. The snow here in Columbia made for the perfect excuse to say home and watch the Inauguration Ceremony on my 26″ flat screen. NBC has had live coverage of the big day from 6a this morning well into the night. To be honest, I was pissed that it interruped my 2p cooking lesson with Rachael Ray. 

Many feel that today, “hope” has come to America. I’ve watched my peers wait in anticipation for this glorious day in history. Yes, today is historic because a black man was sworn into office. It’s one step toward the destruction of racism. Does it destory all racism? No? There is still much work to be done. 

My fear is that many are looking for a savior and they think they have found him. Many believe that in the coming days ahead, Obama will eliminate homelessness, heal the sick though an improved healthcare system, bring peace here nationally and internationally and free us from our financial debts. 

“Together, we will begin the next great chapter in America’s story with 3 words that will ring from coast to coast; from sea to shining sea- YES. WE. CAN.” | President Obama

The truth is: YES. YOU. COULD. HAVE. 

You could have stepped up months ago and worked to end homelessness within your city. You could have partnered with agencies to revolutionize the healthcare system. You could have prayed, fasted and been an advocate for peace in a time of war. You could have spent less and done without, preventing your current financial crisis. You could have. I could have. Did we?

My fear is that too many believe that one President will change everything. My fear is that once this moment of celebration and jubilation passes, we will continue to live apathetically. My fear is that we’ve replaced our hope in our Heavenly Savior for a earthly “savor” that offers only fleeting hope. 

We as a Church must step up. We must join together to put an end to homelessness. We must join together to ensure that the poor can get the healthcare they need. We must join together and be an advocate and catalyst for not only peace but for change in our educational systems, local and national government. We must preach and hold one another accountable to Biblical truth concerning money to prevent financial crisis. 

Let us put our hope in our only true Savior. Let us pray for our God appointed leaders, including Obama, for the road ahead will be rough. Let us also get our hands dirty serving and sacrificing for CHANGE.

I welcome your comments but please keep in mind that these are my thoughts. I don’t post them to start a political debate or argument. Comments which are argumentative or hate filled will be deleted. Thanks for your understanding. 


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  1. Gary Price says:

    Very deep bro. I am pretty confident Jesus does not care what race you are..He definitely cares about a person’s heart. I do think a person can effect history for the ending homelessness; however, you hit the need for Jesus right on the head. People need to hope in something..and when we put our hope on a person with leadership qualities we tend to rely on that person’s promises. But the world is broken..and people will fail other people, Jesus won’t ever fail His people. Definitely need to keep praying for President Obama and his family. Very encouraged by this bro!

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