Relational Giving

Christmas is less than a week away. I’ve committed not to go into debt buying gifts this year. I also am trying to take a different approach to giving this year.

My biological family (mom, dad and brother) will all get something small (under $20.00). Killian (my dog) will get a new bone. That’s all the Christmas shopping I’ll be doing this year.

I’ve decided my friends and family here in town will get something “relational.” A meal. A trip to Starbucks. A walk down by the river. For those out of town, an overdue telephone call or handwritten note. This year I want to give my friends something that builds our relationship and that, hopefully in the end, is more meaningful than just a giftcard or a gift that will be forgotten in a few weeks: This year I want to give my time.

Sometimes the best gifts aren’t monetary. How are you giving of yourself relationally this Christmas?


2 Comments Add yours

  1. clary says:

    I’m sure what you will do will be more meaningful. I believe many of us will be doing something similar. Merry Christmas!!

  2. Klash says:

    Amen…that is awesome!

    Wow, you have snow on your blog! Very cool.

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