Teen Commits Suicide On Webcam As Others Watch

With his webcam trained on him, a Florida teenager died in his bed of a drug overdose while others watched over the Internet, officials said Friday. Here are some of the CNN story highlights:

  • Some urged him to take more drugs; others debated whether he had used enough.
  • Hours passed before someone notified authorities, officials say,
  • Teen had a history of depression; posted suicide note online,
  • Dad laments that no one gave him “the assistance that he was crying out for.”

Read the complete CNN story here.

My thoughts:

This story has made internet headlines all day today. It was the top story on the 6p and 11p newscast. I’ve cried several times today as I have read and reread the text over and over, each time hoping for a different ending. Sadly, it can’t be changed. Time can’t be turned back. A teenager is dead.

  1. How could one have the audacity to egg someone on in taking their life? (“Some urged him to take more drugs.” Others said “Go ahead and do it.”)
  2. Someone should have notified the website moderator immediately, instead of sitting and watching as a teenager took his own life. (Note that “hours passed before someone notified authorities”)
  3. I wish the teens parent was more aware of what was going on in his sons life. The story states the the teen had a history of depression. A dad is now left to lament that no one gave him “the assistance that he was crying out for.”

Sadly, we see stories like this everyday. Most will never make major headlines or be on the evening news, but people “die” everyday as others stand by and watch. We sit by and watch as sin entangles and destroys the lives of our friends and family. We’re afraid of confrontation. Afraid to speak up. Afraid to get our hands dirty.

Marriages are ruined. Porn addictions lead to affairs. Depression spirals deeper. Eating disorders worsen. Self-mutilation results in scars. Self-hate eventually ends in suicide. Yet, we sit by and watch. We wait for someone else to step in. We simply don’t love enough.

This must change! True love prevails. True love speaks up. True love fights for the life of another human being. Love walks though addictions, depression, and disorders. We as the Church must stop twiddling our thumbs and finally get our hands dirty.

“The church, most of the time, doesn’t express the heart of CHRIST completely. GOD is saying ‘take my hand, renounce the crap of your life and follow me out.” | Donald Miller


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  1. Travis Wright says:

    I haven’t read much news since Friday, and missed this story somehow until this morning. It really just blows my mind how people can sit and watch this unfold without taking action. I enjoyed reading your response to this. Well written.

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