The Question: What does being “connected” to you church look like to you? Is it programs, events, relationships, ministries, small groups, worship gatherings, or none of the above?

The Answer: This is where you come in. What are your thoughts? Answer the above question by clicking the COMMENT button at the top of this post and write until your heart’s content. I want to hear from Travis, Dustin, Lee, Klash, Bailey and YOU! I also want to hear from my friend outside my church. If you’re part of a church (or even if you’re not) what makes you feel connected?


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  1. Lee C says:

    First of all, I think calling specific people out to comment on your blog is pretty lame. Payback will be coming.

    Second, since I am on staff at a church I feel “overconnected” at times. Because so much of what I do is concerning the church and involved with church people, I often feel a little out of touch with the rest of the world. Obviously this is not good, considering that the purpose of the church is to reach out to people who dont know Jesus.

    Having said all of that, I think that being “connected” at a church should simply mean that a person is relationally connected to a handful of people there. Not just casually, but at a real, deep friendship level. Activities, even the worship service, are important parts of a growing faith, but connectedness really comes down to relationships.

    The reason many people express a lack of feeling connected at a church is sometimes they have a wrong idea of what connectedness is. They want to hang out with the pastor, leadership, or what they perceive to be the “in” crowd. While I understand that it is a part of human nature to be accepted and loved, this is simply not possible if a church is larger than even 75 people. The pastor and/or staff might know everyone’s name at a church that size, but they could not be actually relationally connected. Real connectedness in most churches (such as Midtown) happens at the small group level, which if Jesus-centered and done well will minister to people and help them grow spiritually far more than any pastor or staff could by themselves.

  2. Travis Wright says:

    the more programs, the more connected people can be…

    no, just kidding…i think it’s about getting to know people on a personal level and interacting with them…

  3. lpmitch says:

    cry sessions with a select few people that you’re actively living your life with.
    i have 1300+ facebook friends. and >1% of those that are true friends. and thats okay, as lee said.

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