The Way of the Buffalo

Tonight I found out that the last of the four guys I ran with in High School is engaged.  I’m glad for him and will definately be at his wedding (I am invited… right?!).  But you see, this leaves me being the odd man out, the only single one left. No one wants to be the one left searching for a wife while all of his High School friends are having sex with their wives. I turns out I am that lucky guy.

My friend Daniel Clinebelle had some great insight into my dilemma: “Don’t let the High School friends going the way of the buffalo get you too down… you’ve got plenty of people shoulder to shoulder with you in the bachelor arena.”

For additional reading on thoughts about being single or my adventures on, click:


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  1. Tones says:

    Hey Playa, dont you worry. Youve got me in the Singles club too, and my ass is OLDER than you! Cheer up friend, ill be home soon.


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