What Leads You Here

Ever few weeks I like to post what led viewers of my blog here.  Often it is a term that was searched for in Google. Magically they’re led here, to JamisonCombs.wordpress.com.  It amazes me what leads you here.  Here are some recent search terms:

  • See. God. Do. (all one query) 
  • How to remedy family tiff
  • I want to see God more
  • Sandy’s Hot Dogs
  • Lee Cunningham
  • Midtown Columbia
  • I hate my job; Wachovia (all one query) 

One Comment Add yours

  1. Travis Wright says:

    looks like a lot of other people are hating on wachovia right now too…not looking too good over there for the wachovia folks…i imagine you’ve probably answered over 100 calls about FDIC insurance, b/c it’s about to drive me crazy as well and we ain’t even in the news!

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