Roommate-less. UnMarried.

For the first time in almost six years, I am without a roommate. Rich, my roommate of three years, moved out tonight.  He gets married in less than two weeks.  Can’t say that I blame him for moving out since… well… he’ll be married and all.  It’s just funny that almost everyone that I have lived with has gotten married soon after moving out.  Here’s the breakdown:

  • 2002 (SWU): Nate McMurphy: Married.
  • 2003 (SWU): Travis Vernon: Married
  • 2003 (SWU): Ryan Shepherd: SINGLE
  • 2003 (SWU): Nathan Moore: Who knows where he is now.  Married for all I know.
  • 2004 (SWU): Luke Syfert: Married.
  • 2004-2005 (CIU): Lived in a dorm.  Most of those guys are married now.
  • 2005-2006: Joel Boyce: Getting married Spring 2009.
  • 2006-2008: Rich Zuch: Getting married May 30th 2008.
When is it going to be my turn to get married?
In all seriousness though, I am looking forward to living alone, at least for now.  It’s going to be a change, but I welcome the solitude.

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  1. Jan Ovitt Kline says:

    James when are you going to come over to Camden and visit me at my shop The Red Door? You’d like it.
    1104 Campbell St.
    Tues-Sat 10:30 – 5pm

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