A Journey To Clemson Leads Me Back To Where I Began

The toll roads didn’t stop me, although I think the fact they don’t accept credit cards is outrageous!  Now I must mail a check for $1.00 to the State of South Carolina.  I am sure it will cost to pay the guy that processes my $1.00 payment than it’s worth, but whatever, a dollar is a dollar.

Regardless, I arrived in Clemson at sunset.  The sky was painted with watercolors.  Shades of red, orange and purple bled together over Tillman to form a masterpiece that words cannot describe.  Joy sprung forth and my eyes filled with tears as I finally felt at ease. I haven’t experienced such peace since I left Clemson in 2004.  This was the place life change took place.  This was the town in which my journey to become real, to become honest with myself, God and those around me began.  The was the town in which, on the other side of the Dike I was baptized.  This was the town where, at 115 Riggs Drive, I learned how to lead a House Church.  It is also at that same house, sitting in a rocking chair on the screened-in porch one rainy summer night, I started my journey to wholeness. It’s a journey that continues today. 

I arrived an hour before “Revival” was to begin.  I got to sit and listen to the band practice.  I got to sit and reflect. It was good to be back.  It was good to see Andy, Winn, Chris and Monica.  Worship was AMAZING.  I I hadn’t planned on spending the night but Monic as gracious and allowed me to stay at her house in Pendleton. I am so thankful for relationships that, while neglected like a forgotten garden for over the years, can be revived, watered with conversation and honesty and are just as beautiful, fulfilling and encouraging now as they were then.

I drove back Saturday morning ready to begin my job search in Clemson.  I was ready to pack up and move back in hopes that maybe, just maybe things would be the same.  However the Lord reminded me of what Andy Heck had spoken Friday night  that “Clemson is one of those places that once you leave, you need to stay gone.”  I need to stay gone.  I can’t move back in hopes of finding myself, my heart or relationships. This weekend I was reminded that God is not limited to a town, a group of people, an individual or to “the way life was.”

God is deepening relationships here in Columbia.  It’s an answer to much prayer.  Depth and vulnerability take time. God is placing brothers in my life as this journey to wholeness, this journey to find my heard continues.  Midtown has become “my church.”  I look forward to what the Lord will continue to do in my heart in the coming days.

God wants me here.  I can’t move back.  I must move forward in search of what God has ahead.

I avoided the toll road on the way home.  


3 Comments Add yours

  1. stunningman says:

    Sounds like a great trip! I am jealous of the visit and the Clemson sunset!

  2. talktodustin says:

    Yea….I still want to go back to the promise land every once in a while too.

  3. Janie says:

    The description of the friends and place, makes me wish I had a place like that to return to for a visit. Maybe even a place like that to run back to and hide from the real world. I spent most of my life running and making sure no one could get close. Not wanting to be hurt again, putting up walls and making them so strong only two old friends are let inside every now and then. Age and pain make very lonely bedfellows. Maybe one day, I will find my place where I can trust, be honest, and grow. Until then I will keep talking to God and enjoying the sunsets.

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