Skin’s Or Sandy’s. Vote NOW.

Recently my friend Luda and I got into a debate with Klash over which is best, Skin’s Hot Dogs or Sandy’s Hot Dogs. I discovered Skin’s when I attended Southern Wesleyan University in the Upstate of South Carolina. Each hot dog is tucked into a freshly steamed bun, topped with all the fixins’. It wasn’t until I moved to Columbia that I later discovered Sandy’s. Sandy’s tops their hot dogs with fresh chili and slaw, guaranteeing the perfect hot dog every time. Honestly, I enjoy both establishments. Each has it’s own uniqueness to it. But that night, standing there before God and my fellow man I was pressured to choose one: Skin’s or Sandy’s.

Luda gave his answer. Klash gave his. Now it’s your turn to take part in the Great Hot Dog Debate. Comment below with claiming your favorite. Will it be Skin’s or Sandy’s? I will tally up the votes and post the wiener (oops, winner) on Friday!



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  1. brandonclements says:

    Skins Skins Skins Skin Skins! A million times over Skins!

    I actually just heard that Sandy’s is going out of business. It seems that everyone in Cola realized that they are the worst hot dogs that have ever been made. Huh? I could have told them that the first(and only) time I tried them!!!

    (I may be a little biased here…)

  2. stunningman says:

    This should not even be a debate. If I wanted a hard hot dog in a cold bun, I would just find and crash any old church cookout instead of paying for one at Sandys. Skins has the best plain “southern” dogs (no relish or sour kraut) in the world… they just need to bring them to Columbia!

    PS – For some amazing “gourmet” and unique dogs, check out Jack’s Cosmic Dogs in Mt Pleasant. They have all kinds of unique combinations and recipes including sweet potato mustard and blue cheese slaw.

  3. jenny says:

    i don’t have a vote…have neither had either…sorry!

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