What is the hardest thing you’ve ever had to forgive someone for?  Comment back with your response and lets start a discussion here.  I will share mine later next week.


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  1. Jan Ovitt Kline says:

    Hey James, Did Adam have an eartly Father? Who was his Father? God, the Father. God has been really working in my life lately. As in, I have been able to totally let go of my son, who won’t call ME. I am realizing how screwed up this world is and how God and His son Jesus is our ONLY HOPE.
    Keep up the heart work, it’s worth it.

  2. brandonclements says:

    So I dated this girl in high school for three years. We were best friends, and I thought we were gonna get married. Then, one Saturday I was weed-eating and got stung on my eye-lid by a bumble bee. The whole left side of my face swelled up like a balloon. The next day, I went to my gf’s birthday party, looking pitiful as could be, and gave her around $150 worth of clothes and such for her b-day(dumb, I know). That night she called me on the phone and dumped me, told me she needed to “find herself”. About a week later I realized that she had already found herself several weeks back, and it just so happened to be with a college guy. Of course I had most of my classes with her, and my locker was directly beside hers. The best part was senior prom. One of my teachers walked up to me during it and said, “Brandon, I’m sorry to tell you this…you won prom king, but you may want to dance with your date instead of with the prom queen.” That was quite awkward…

    Definitely not the hardest thing I’ve had to forgive someone for. But at the time it was really hard. Now its just a funny story. One of those scars that you eventually become very thankful for:)

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