Great is Thy Faithfulness

This week the old hymn Great is Thy Faithfulness has continually popped up in my daily soundtrack.  It’s been one of those songs that all of a sudden plays in my head.  I have felt the Lord wanting me to sit down and write down (or blog) the numerous ways I have been provided for this week.  Here goes.

  • I received an invitation to interview for a Teller Manager position within Wachovia. (Sunday)
  • My roommate gave me his leftover pizza. (I had been craving pizza all day!) (Sunday)
  • I got a coupon in the mail for a free dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts. (Monday)
  • SBUX gave me a card for a free cup of coffee every Wednesday from now until the end of May (Tuesday). 
  • I received a free pound of SBUX coffee. (Tuesday)
  • I found out the amount of my merit based pay increase. (The Lord really provided!) (Tuesday)
  • I pulled into a parking spot at which the meter had already been paid. (Tuesday)
  • I had a coupon for a free Jimmy John’s sub. (Tuesday)
  • My single pair of black dress pants were hiding in the back of my closet, back from the Dry Cleaners and ready for my interview. (Wednesday)
  • I found a coupon on the internet for a free toilet bowl brush.  (I needed a new one.  My roommate’s fiancée broke my old one.) (Wednesday)
  • Hummus was on sale at Publix, thus making it affordable on my tight budget. (Wednesday)
  • I got to see Toni and Lou at SBUX on my lunch break.  It brightened up what otherwise was a really bad morning. (Thursday)
  • A random woman at SBUX game me a quarter, just in time for me to run out the door and feed the meter, saving me from the vicious Parking Enforcement Dude (aka: The Ticket Bitch). (Thursday)
  • I got a perfect score on my Internal Quality Monitor.  (Thursday)
  • I get to sleep until 6:30a. (Rest!) (Friday)
  • I get to have coffee with someone that’s an answer to much prayer. (Friday)
I will add more to the list throughout the remainder of the week.  Comment back and tell me how the Lord has provided for you this week!  It’s an encouragement to see the Lord’s provision. 

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