E-Harmony: Dating for $60.00 a Month

I keep seeing ads on television showing happy, smiling, kissing, cute couples that were matched on E-Harmony.com.  I have to admit, I often find myself very lonely, desiring a relationship with the opposite sex.  Very few of my friends know that I once had an account on E-Harmony.  I found it entertaining to see who their “prescreened, 29 dimension comparison system” would match me with.  Like many things, I eventually got bored with it and never logged back in.

Well, tonight after seeing ad after ad I decided to take another look at some of my matches on E-Harmony.  So far I have been matched with 18 people.  Three of the matches stood out to me:

  • A Hairdresser in Greenville, SC
  • A Product Specialist who works for Apple in California
  • A teacher who works at an inner-city school in Brooklyn.

I don’t plan on meeting my wife via the internet, or at least on E-Harmony.com.  This might be largely due to the fact that to “Start Communication” with any of these women I would have to pay $60.00.  I just can’t bring myself to do that.  I too sort of believe that the timing isn’t right yet for me to be in a serious relationship.  I think I am going to be one of those guys that gets married later in life.  God only knows.

But if you’re female and single, desiring to start communication with me tonight, simply click the COMMENT link below.


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