It’s Okay… You Can Keep It…


..The wedding ivitation that is.Let me start by saying that if you’ve sent me a wedding invitation, or are planning to, I am honored that you would request my presence at your special day.  But there comes a point when, after receiving an ivitation a week for the past several months, one starts to crave a different type of mail in the PO Box.  I have to be honest that some days I would look forward to getting my monthly bill from SCE&G or Kia more than I look foward to getting the next invite.

Being single is getting old. This isn’t a desperate cry for a date (although if you are single, female, attractive and have depth and a personality– let’s talk) or an announcement that I am joining in a mad rush to find a wife, but simply the stating of  the following truth:  It’s hard to be single when everyone around you is either head-over-heals in a relationship, engaged, or married.

What are your thought on being single?  Does anyone else find it difficult?  Also, click over to Lee Cunningham’s blog and read his take on singleness and loneliness.  More to come…


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