A Quickie (No. Not that type!)

Stroke/NC:  Mom had a stroke last week.  This marks the second one exactly a year apart.  I got the phone call and headed up to NC Monday afternoon.  She’s doing fine now and should have a full recovery.  It was great to be home in NC.  I spent a lot of time sorting though some of the clutter at my mom’s house and landscaping her yard.  I seriously wish I had taken before and after pictures!  The difference is amazing!  There was also an awesome surprise while I was home:  SNOW;  Two inches to be exact!  It’s the most snow my hometown has seen since 2004.  Killian had a blast playing and trying to catch snowballs in her mouth.  I also really enjoyed the time I was able to spend with my younger brother, Josh.  We’re much better as brothers now that we’re older.  

All that said, it’s great to be back in Columbia.  Slowly, I am starting to be convinced that this is home for now.

Headaches/CT Scan: I’ve you’ve been around me the past month, you know I’ve been having killer headaches.  It’s one of those that won’t go away.  (Yeah, a constant headache for over a month.)  I go tomorrow to have a CT done of my brain.  Pray that this scan shows something, preferably something that can easily be fixed.  I’ve had one major surgery each year for the past two years.  Hopefully this won’t be my surgery for 2008.
Wachovia Ranks #1 Again:  I am proud.  Wachovia (my place of employment) was ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction for the SEVENTH YEAR IN A ROW!  Now, I can’t take all the glory for this prestigious achievement,  but I sure do work my ass off for my customers!
There.  I promised a quickie.  Good night.

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