Who’s Ready To Move?

So I just too a survey/quiz online to see where, according to my interest, economic status, social likings and personality.  Here are my results:

  • #1: Worcester, Massachusetts
  • #2: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • #3: Boston, Massachusetts
  • #4: Chicago, Illinois
  • #5: Denver, Colorado
  • #6: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • #7: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • #8: Lexington, Kentucky
  • #9: New York City, New York
  • #10: Manhattan, New York
The results are kind of funny.  All are up North.  I have always wanted snow, and by moving to any of the cities listed, it would be a sure guarantee for snow.  Most are fairly clean cities, which is something that might make my O.C.D. chill out a bit.  Also, according to findyourspot.com, several of the top cities listen in my results are dog friendly, so Killian would be right at home as well.  I’m headed to Boston this summer to visit… Who knows, maybe I will end up moving there.
Tell me what you think about my top 10 cities.  Click the COMMENT button below and write back!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Denver should be numero uno, my friend. … my friend who doesn’t know how to schedule hang out time.


  2. Tupacs Love Child says:

    Worcester? WTF Yankee?

  3. Janie says:

    My top place would be Denver. I have been there for a short period of time, when I lived in New Mexico, and found the smaller towns to my liking and the people friendly. I would suggest a vacation for a couple of weeks to any place you have never lived. I am more into God doing the planning and sending me on my way. But he does shut doors to places I have wanted to go. In the early 1990’s I was all set to take myself and family to Seattle, Washington. I wanted to run as far away from North Carolina as I could and as fast as I could move my few earthly belongings and two small sons. For reasons out of my control, the job fell thru and I had to change my plans. I did not know one soul in the place I wanted to relocate too, just wanted to leave things I did not understand. Now it is 2008, I am still in the same town but find myself dreaming of warmer smaller towns. Where life is slow paced, you get to really know people, and it is not all about the money and what you own. Who knows, I may just find that perfect place yet, where I fit in and see God in more people than I do here. When you talking of moving, are you running away from demons, they go with you no matter where you go, you have to battle and kill them with God’s help. Sometimes you need to think about what the plus side of Columbia is for you. You are smart, you can figure it out with a little help from your friends and God.

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