Here We Go.

It’s going to be a cold night. The Weatherman is predicting morning lows in the teens. Burr… Makes me want to move to Boston. At least then there would be snow to go with the freezing weather.

I’ve been thinking alot of late about traveling. I am not sure where or when, simply just that I want to go. It’s a new year and with that comes more vacation time to be used. This week I get a month and a half of vacation and sick time. Three weeks just to use for vacationing, another two for being sick, and one week for community service. (Wachovia is so good to their employees!) I am taking recommendations on where to travel in 2008. So far plans are in the works for Boston and maybe California. SkyBus Airlines makes it very inexpensive to fly (some flights as low as $20.00 round trip), so it is easy to travel and travel often.

I finished out the month with good stats at work. It should equate to a good bonus come February. We’ll see. It would be nice to have some extra money to bulid up my savings and pay off some bills.

Killian is learning how to enjoy being brushed. I am trying to spend 20 or so minutes a night with her. I tried brushing her several months ago and she went crazy on me. So far so good. Hopefully she will get used to it and learn to love it.

It’s time for bed. Thank God that Thursday is my Friday and that my Friday is your Saturday. Pray for good sleep and lower call volume tomorrow.


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