Welcome Back to Wachovia. Welcome Back to Work.

I just completed my first week back at Wachovia since my surgery in early September. Sunday I tried to get excited by going an buying myself new pens, sticky notes, and silly putty, all with a goal to make the redundancy of work… well, less redundant. Monday morning came and the alarm went off at 7a. I sure as hell haven’t missed the alarm clock(s). I have a “system” for ensuring I wake up and get my ass out of bed in time for work. Here’s how it works:
-7a: The television comes on. WIS News 10.
-7:05a: Cell phone alarm #1.
-7:10a: Cell phone alarm #2.
-7:15a: Alarm clock. This is the warning alarm. “Get your ass up now!”

Sometimes the system works. Sometimes it fails. Year-to-date I have only been late for work twice. Monday morning the alarm “system” worked. I arrived to work on time and ready to tackle the day ahead.

Everyone has noticed I was back at work. I couldn’t even make it though the security checkpoint before one of the security guards warmly welcomed me back. Thankfully my access badge still worked and I could get into the building.

So I am back. Let the questions begin. Here are the three most popular:
1.) “Are you glad to be back at work?”
2.) “How are you feeling?”
3.) “Have you lost weight?”

The answers:
1.) Yes and no. It’s great to be back and to have purpose via a job. I thoroughly enjoy helping customers understand banking and gain financial confidence. I also enjoy helping customers find the best Wachovia products and services for them. I have to say, I am good at what I do. (The customer comments and satisfaction surveys prove that.) What I don’t enjoy is having to get up each morning at 7a. I also hate that my job requires me to work on Sundays. By working one weekend day I receive an additional 12% added onto my salary. It’s worth it. Just sometimes I wish I had a “normal” Saturday/Sunday weekend instead of my Friday/Saturday weekend.
2.) I am feeling much better. The pain that I was experiencing prior to my surgery is completely gone. I am still having “recovery/healing pains.” The pain should eventually go away with time, but it will be several months before my back fully heals from the surgery.
3.) YES! 30lbs to be exact since my surgery. More to go!

Today I took a course in Elder Abuse and Fraud Awareness as well as completed World Savings Merger certification. (World Savings is a bank previously headquartered in California that we just completed merger with. Wachovia now has additional branches in California and Texas as well as branches for the first time in Colorado, Nevada and Arizona. More can be found at ChangeHasCome.com) It’s been a lot to take in getting used to the changes that have taken place at work since May. So much has changed while so much has stayed the same. I hope to back back taking customer calls next week!

Hopefully I didn’t bore you with this update. Check back later this week for more ramblings about life, God and whatever else comes along.


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