About My Surgery

Well, after four months of putting it off and trying every method possible to get out of it, I had back surgery on Wednesday, September 5th. When they put me to sleep in the operating room I was in pain. When I awoke from surgery I was in even more pain. Thankfully there was plenty of drugs on hand to keep me sedated and comfortable.

I spent the first few days after the surgery on an ice chips only diet. Then I was “upgraded” to an all liquids diet of beef broth and generic, from concentrate apple juice. (Gross!) Finally I worked my way up to a normal diet only to be disappointed by the quality of the hospital food. My conclusion: Skip the food. Just give me the pain pills.

I was told by a staff member at the hospital that I am the youngest person to ever have this surgery, an Anterior Lumbar Fusion, at Baptist Hospital. It seemed that every nurse or doctor that I came in contact with made some comment like “you’re rather young to be having this surgery.” And while most people don’t have such a major back surgery until they are at least in their 40s, I feel that I made the best decision to have this surgery. One doctor that I saw refused to perform the surgery on me and told me to come back when I was 30. I am thankful that I found a doctor that looked past age and “the norm” and saw that this surgery would be life changing for me- removing the pain that had plagued me and allowing me to get back to “life as usual.”

There are stories of catheters, a nurse who begged to give me an enema (I didn’t give in), big needles and hot nurses. You’ll have to ask though if you want to hear those stories though.

It’s been three weeks since the surgery and I am quickly recovering and getting back to my normal activities. I hope to be back at work starting October 15th. The plan is for me to go back and work half days for a few weeks, then move to my regular, full-time schedule after Thanksgiving. It’s been six months since I have worked. I am actually excited about going back to work but am afraid that I have forgotten a lot of the policies and procedures of Wachovia. I am sure it will all come back to me with time though.

Well, it’s time for my medication and then off to bed.


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