Charlotte. Columbia. Charleston.

Went to pick up my friend Ben and his wife Monica from the Charlotte Airport. They flew in from Texas on Friday for Luke and Lauren’s wedding. I also had the opportunity to have a few drinks with my little brother Josh while in Charlotte Friday. Damn, I love that city. If I made about 5K more a year, I would most definatly move to Charlotte. It’s just so clean, beautiful and there seems to be more life there.

Ben, Monica and I went out to El Burrito for dinner. It’s a small, Mexican joint here in Columbia. I had never been until Friday night, but I will definitely go back. The salsa, burritos and margaritas were amazing. Good times. We then headed to Starbucks on Gervais and Lincoln for some coffee. Then back home to down a few bottles of wine before retiring for the night.

I somehow forgot that I only life an hour and a half from this beautiful city. The weather was perfect. The sun was shining and the temperature was in the 80s. The perfect day for a wedding on the beach.

The wedding was simple. The groomsmen wore tan linen pants with a purple dress shirt, untucked of course. Luke wore white linen pants with the same shirt. The best man had a lightening bolt patch sown onto the right shoulder of his shirt. (Very original.) The bride was in a beautiful, simple white dress. Everyone wore sandals. The sand got in between our toes. It was a short and simple wedding. No fancy candles. No ornate floral arrangements. Just Luke, Lauren and a few friends gathered on the beach front to celebrate this holy union of love.

The reception was amazing. It was great to be around old friends and those I now call family. The reception was catered by The Poor House, a local restaurant in Charleston. The groomsmen and a few friends snuck off to decorate (or deface) the car. We covered it in toilet paper, wrote on the windows and tied soda cans together to dangle behind the car.

Weddings are such a great time. To be perfectly honest, on the drive back God and I talked about this symbolism of the wedding and Him calling us as believers unto Himself. My eyes filled with tears as I thought how one day, maybe quite far away, I will wed the one the Lord has for me. It’s going to be beautiful.

I am back in Columbia now. I am having severe pain in my lower back, ass and legs. I can’t sit for more than an hour without feeling like I am going to die. I had x-rays last week and an MRI today. Pray that the doctors will quickly be able to figure out what is causing the pain and to FIX IT. I have been given about for different medications and have been ordered to lay flat, helping to extend my spine and help relieve the pain. The medication puts me to sleep. I guess that is one way to take away the pain.

For now I must go to sleep. My eyelids are closing. I shall write more later. Good night Columbia. Good night world.


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