I’m Not Happy

Simply put, I am not happy with my life. Why you ask? Here’s a glimpse:

23 + no woman = SINGLE
Yeah, it sucks. Seriously. Everyone around me seems to be getting married. I run into friends at at the local Starbucks, and before I can even finish answering their initial “how are you doing” question, they are ready to quickly inform me in that ever annoying, happy voice (with the facial expressions to go with), they they are engaged, getting married this summer. (This is the part where I burn with envy on the inside, yelling to God “why, oh why can’t I just get a fucking date?! Screw marriage. I just want a damn date.”) Get my point? 23 and still single. Not just dating and not married single. This is SINGLE. The ever dreaded NOT DATING, I DON’T EVEN KNOW A WOMAN WHO WOULD WANT TO DATE A FOOL LIKE ME, SINGLE.

Dumb Ass Customers + Ever Ringing Phones = My Job
Everyone would agree that there is nothing worse than overdrawing their checking account. (Just ask my friend Johns. He overspent by forty cents and it cost him $105.00!) Now, I must say that there is in truth something worse then overdrawing your checking account: Listening to some 40 year old bitch and moan about how pissed he is because he overdrew his. One he stops his bitching (Oh, and the fact that he overspent is my fault of course!), he then starts begging for his $35.00 fees back.

Or there’s the idiot that can’t remember what check went to who and for how much. I don’t get paid enough to help fools balance their checking account. Hell, it’s enough just to balance my own. I don’t hate my job, it’s just not where I dreamed I would be at 23 years old.

My yellow lab sheds. I have to vacuum daily. Sometimes twice a day. I hate shedding. I hate dog hair. I love my dog though.

I Have No Idea…
I have no idea what I want to do with my life. Well, maybe I do. Counselor. Cook. Interior Decorator. Advocate. Definitely not a banker. But I feel like I am stuck in the day to day. Not achieving anything. Yeah, I help people understand the DDA and how to save better using a SAV and earn a higher APY on their CD and HPMM. They always have questions about their CKCD and want to know ATM locations. So yeah— I feel stuck.

Lastly, I am emotional. Not gonna elaborate about that, but I pray the meds start working soon.

I’m in debt. Car payment. Student loans. I hate debt. Seeing customers at work drowning in it at work makes me hate it even more.

The Conclusion.
Yeah. That’s why I am not happy. Some thing make me happy though. Friends. Family. My roommate. My dog. My coworkers. My spinach dip.

Some things in life are good. Maybe I will just focus on those things.


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  1. Aubs says:

    James, you are crackin’ me up here. It was Soooo good to see you tonight! Hey, I understand about the single thing and other stuff… but hang it there. Anyway, hope to hear from you again soon…
    Oh, and you’d be awesome @ interior decorating, just a thought.

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